Bringing stories to life…

We believe that the best stories and ideas can come from unexpected places and we are yet to meet a person who doesn’t have a story to tell.

Compos Mentis Productions was established by Clare Cahill and Fiona Bavinton in the UK in 2008 to develop compelling stories and to provide core services to film and broadcast.

Currently Compos Mentis Productions is developing a small slate of films, both in its own right, and in association with other independent producers. Clare and Fiona are also contracted out to provide services to the film, entertainment and broadcast sector.

Clare has expertise in independent production as an assistant director, production manager, line producer and producer and is a member of the Production Guild of Great Britain. She is also teaches Producing at Arts University Bournemouth

Fiona has been engaged in developing broadcast infrastructure, as well as developing core competencies in emerging technologies for content creation – virtual environments, virtual reality and 360o filming methods and technologies. She is also a professional member of the British Computer Society

We have provided production services to more than 20 British independent feature films. Additionally we have provided technical services to BBC and BskyB for the iPlayer and the SkyGo app.

While Compos Mentis Productions has to date necessarily focused on traditional film making, we are aware that as independent producers we can be agile, we have the ability to expand our focus and diversify.

Our goal is to become a storytelling company. A software company. A platform company. But mostly, a company engaging with passionate people who love telling stories and want to push the boundaries about how those stories are told.


Email: hello@composmentis.com